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October 12, 2016
Shakeh Haroutiounian

What is 21st century education? Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. To prepare our students, lessons must go beyond the “3 R’s” and foster 21st century skills. Skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity will be essential for students to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Thanks to EF … Read more

August 19, 2016
Shakeh Haroutiounian

Summer of Effortless Learning Gain tools for turning something as simple as a walk into an enjoyable learning experience and learn how to improve critical thinking skills by asking the same 2 questions throughout the summer Thanks to Lisa Booth for this great video – Watch on Youtube < PREVIOUS POST That’s Not Going to … Read more

May 5, 2016
Shakeh Haroutiounian

That’s Not Going to Work! Often, when I begin to make recommendations as I’m coaching a parent, the parent goes into this frenzy of telling me that she has already tried this, and that, and the other thing. “I’ve tried everything!” He’s just lazy. She just doesn’t want to do it.   I completely finally … Read more

March 5, 2016
Shakeh Haroutiounian

How Do You Respect a Child? I was recently respectfully referred to as a “child whisperer,” as someone who is able to facilitate communication between child and parent. It was meant to be a compliment. It was meant to build credibility, since it was spoken in an introduction before I spoke to a group of … Read more

February 4, 2016
Shakeh Haroutiounian

Crazy Parenting Moment It is precisely right in the middle of that moment. The moment when your child is screaming or has said something your ears are pretending to not hear. The moment that feels like an urgency but has you paralyzed. That moment when your heart is beating angrily and all you want to … Read more

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